Product Documentation

To search for and edit device properties

Dec 21, 2015
From the Devices tab in the Device Manager web console, you can search for a device in the list. You can also edit the device properties to add additional properties.

To search for a device

The Search option under the Devices tab is a free-form search field, in which you can search for a device by typing in information you know about a device and you can narrow your search within certain criteria as well.

  1. Click the search icon and then specify one or more of the following criteria:
    • The name of one of the device’s users
    • The device serial number
    • The device IMEI
    • The model of the device
    • Device platform
    • Operating system version
    Note: For each search criteria, you can enter the first letters or numbers of the item you are looking for.
  2. To narrow the search to specific criteria, in the Search list, select one or more of the following check boxes:
    • User
    • Model
    • Platform
    • OS version
    • Serial number

To restore the complete list of devices, click x next to the Search field.

To edit the device properties

After you have added one or more devices into the repository database, you can populate additional comprehensive device data into the repository database. This ability allows administrators to maintain a detailed hardware inventory of their field devices within Device Manager. This process mirrors that of adding additional user information, minimizing training requirements.

  1. Click the Devices tab.
  2. Highlight the device to which you want to add additional hardware information and then click Edit.
  3. Click the Properties tab and then click New Property.
  4. Select either one of the included fields, or select Other to create a custom data field. This field is free form, and can contain up to a maximum of 256 characters.