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To show or hide device statuses

Dec 21, 2015
Under System Configuration in the Device Manager web console, you can change the parameters of how the devices status appears. In the Devices column, you can also choose which columns to show or hide.

To show or hide device statuses

The following procedure describes how to show or hide the device status for jailbroken or rooted, Secure Mobile Gateway, and Device Manager management statuses.

  1. In Device Manager, click Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, click General.
  3. Under General Parameters, you can click to enable or disable the following statuses:
    • Highlight "Jailbroken/Rooted" column
    • Highlight "SMG Status" column
    • Highlight "Managed" column
    • Enable device triangulation
    • Enable WebEAS for iOS

To add or remove device status columns

  1. Click the Devices tab.
  2. Click the arrow in a status column to show a list of the possible columns that you can display. Each selected item appears in the Devices table.
  3. Clear a check box to hide a status column.