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To import a list of devices by using a file

Dec 21, 2015

Develop a text file according to the following format by using a utility application such as a text editor, spreadsheet application, or note taker.

Element Notes

Serial Number

Device serial number (required if IMEI is not given)


Device IMEI identifier (required if serial number is not given)

Operating System Family

Required to be WINDOWS, ANDROID, or iOS.

Property name 1


Property value 1


Property name (n)


Property value (n)


Many mobile operators or device manufacturers provide lists of authorized mobile devices, and you can utilize these to avoid having to enter a long list of mobile devices manually. Device Manager supports an import file format that is common to all three of the supported device types.

Note the following:

  • File charset must be UTF-8/
  • Semi-colon (;) is used as the field delimiter so it must be escaped if it is present in the data.
  • For iOS device import, Serial Number is mandatory. Serial Number is the identifier for iOS devices.

For example:

1050BF3F517301081610065510590391;15244201625379901;WINDOWS;propertyN;propertyV\;test\;1\;2;prop 2;prop2 value 

To import a task file

  1. Click the Import tab.
  2. Browse to the corresponding provisioning file.
  3. Click Import.