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Viewing Device Management Status

Dec 21, 2015

For each device you manage, Device Manager provides information on device management status, whether or not the device has been jailbroken, device operating system and hardware information, serial number and IMEI/MEID number, user of the device, device phone number, and so on.

Three of the most commonly used and important statuses for your device indicate whether or not a device is managed or not: Jailbroken/Rooted, SMG Status, and Managed.

The following table describes the status information and colored icons that you see on the Devices tab in Device Manager:

Status Explanation


A green light means that the device is NOT jailbroken (iOS) or rooted (Android).

A red light means that the device has been jailbroken or rooted.

Secure Mobile Gateway Status

A green light means that Secure Mobile Gateway recognizes the device as legitimate and allows the device to access your Exchange email infrastructure.

A red light means that Secure Mobile Gateway recognizes the device as a potential threat to your email Exchange email infrastructure and is blocking the device.

A gray light means that your instance of Device Manager does not have Secure Mobile Gateway installed and configured.

Device Managed

A green light means that the device is managed by Device Manager, which means that the device has the XenMobile agent installed on it and that it is enrolled (and can communicate) with the server running Device Manager.
Note: In some cases, a device will appear as "managed" even though it does not have the XenMobile agent installed. This means that the device has likely been recognized by Device Manager through an ActiveSync connection. For example, if you import users into Device Manager who own a BlackBerry or Palm device, or if they connect to their email server through Active Sync, their devices will appear in Device Manager as "managed." Even though these devices cannot have a Device Manager agent installed, their communication with Device Manager Is limited, and they cannot have policies deployed to them, it is possible to issue an ActiveSync or Blackberry wipe to them.

A red light means that the device is not currently being managed by Device Manager for the following possible reasons:

  • If you perform a revoke, wipe, or selective wipe on a device.
  • If the device has an agent installed on it, but it was never enrolled.
  • If the device has an agent installed on it, but the user profile or corporate certificate has been removed.


Under the User column, a status of Anonymous can occur if a user authentication fails (wrong credentials).

When this happens, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices switch to anonymous mode. It can also happen if the user can no longer be used to authenticate from a device.

iOS and Android devices authenticate by using a client certificate, so those devices will only become Anonymous if the user is deleted or disabled in Active Directory.