Product Documentation

Configuring Automated Actions

Dec 21, 2015

With Automated Actions, you can configure Device Manager to perform actions based on user or device properties, events, or the existence of applications on devices.

For example, you can configure the following Automated Actions:

  • You can automatically notify users whose iOS or Android devices is jailbroken or rooted that they are in violation of company policy and that the device will be selectively wiped if the device is not brought into compliance.
  • You can automatically enforce a geo-fencing policy whereby if a user's device leaves a defined geographical perimeter, the device is blocked from accessing your organization's email, is selectively wiped, or is revoked.
  • You can alertusers automatically when mobile devices are roaming domestically or internationally and that they may be charged extra for the service.
  • You can wipe a user's device automatically when the user leaves the company, and can disable the user's Active Directory account, so that the user can no longer access your organization's data.
  • You can place a user's device into an Out Of Compliance state automatically if the user installs a blacklisted app, and you can send the user a notification informing them that they have broken the organization's mobile app policy.
Note: Before you can use Automated Actions to send automated notifications, make sure you have configured notification servers for SMTP and SMS so that Device Manager can send the message. For details, see To configure a Notifications SMTP Server and To configure an SMS Notifications Gateway.