Product Documentation

Configuring Deployment Schedules

Dec 21, 2015

The Deployment schedule allows you to define when to deploy a package.

You can schedule the deployment for:

  • A future time (Do not deploy).
  • A single deployment (one time).
  • A permanent deployment to make sure that the devices always have the package content (On every connection). This is designed to ensure the devices initially and continue to comply with your application policies.

The available options might change depending on the platform type.

You can configure the schedule to make sure that a package is only deployed one time. For example, if users change deployment settings, the package will not deploy again.

The windows differ by device type; for Windows Mobile devices the window appears as follows:

Important: Some devices may not observe the schedule. When selecting a precise date for the deployment, the targeted devices receive the information to try to reconnect during that time frame, even if they do not have a connection scheduling in place during the specified time frame. However, if the device does not connect or connects later than the configured time frame, the device does not receive the package.