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To create a deployment package for the TouchDown policy

Dec 21, 2015
In order to push the TouchDown email configuration policy to your Android devices, you need to create, configure, and run a deployment package in Device Manager to the devices you want to use the policy.
  1. Click the Deployment tab, click New Package and then click New Android Package.
  2. In the Create New Package wizard, define and deploy the TouchDown email package. On the Name page, enter a name for the email policy, such as TouchDown Email.
  3. On the Groups page, select a group or groups to be the recipient of this package. Or, you can choose to create an anonymous deployment. Any users unable to authenticate themselves to the server can be connected in anonymous mode and still receive packages.
  4. On the Resources to be deployed page, in the Policies list, select the TouchDown Email policy you want to deploy and then click the right arrow to add the policy to the package.
  5. In Installation Files, select the appropriate Android and TouchDown software to add to the package, depending on if you are deploying to an Android tablet or a phone.
  6. In the Deployment schedule page, choose a time to run the deployment, or click Now to run the deployment immediately.
  7. On the Deployment rules page,
  8. When you have configured the deployment package and are ready to deploy, click Finish.

After you deploy the policy, the user needs to log in on the Android agent to authenticate the user's credential in order activate the policy.