Product Documentation

Common Issues with the App Monitoring Policy Implementation

Dec 21, 2015

With the App Monitoring feature, you might encounter the following issues:

If you notice that XenMobile is not blacklisting an application you have define as forbidden, you can try the following tasks to remedy situation:

  • Check the XML file name; it should be appControlPolicyConfiguration.xml.
  • Make sure the package containing appControlPolicyConfiguration.xml policy is deployed to the device, and the device is connected to the server.
  • Check the package name for the blacklisted application. Use XenMobile Remote Support to verify native application package names under "Task Manager".
  • Validate your appControlPolicyConfiguration.xml file XML syntax with a validator, such as XML Validation.

If you can verify the preceding information, but the issue persists, open a support case and attach the XML file as well as device logs. You can share device logs by using alogcat, a free Android marketplace application.

If you notice that your Company Logo is not included as part of the block screen, Verify that logo PNG file is saved as appControlPolicyLogo.png and is saved under %XenMobile folder%\files.

If you Need to reset an application passcode, Modify the <password> XML tag value to include the new passcode.

If you are not sure if the App Mon service is running, please note that the service is not running by default. You must push the XML policy file (appControlPolicyConfiguration.xml) to the device.

If you need to revoke device access to blacklisted applications, you can modify the <password> XML tag value to include the new passcode. The user needs to obtain and enter the new passcode.