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To add a logo to a customized block screen on an Android device

Dec 21, 2015
In Device Manager, you can customize the block screen that appears on an Android device by using the <appblockmessage> XML tag defined in an App Monitoring policy. The screen can also include a company logo.
  1. Save the logo file as appControlPolicyLogo.png on your computer.
  2. In the Import a file to the Device Manager database dialog box, import the logo file and then save the file to a destination folder on the device.
    Note: Make sure you use the following format to name the destination folder has the following format: %XenMobile folder%\files.
  3. Add the following line to your appControlPolicyConfiguration.xml (<installation directory>/XenMobile Device Manager/samples/appmon/appControlPolicyConfiguration.xml) file after the end of <appblockmessage> tags: <appcontrolpolicylogo>true</appcontrolpolicylogo>
  4. Create a deployment package that includes the application monitoring policy XML file, as well as an optional company logo file.