Product Documentation

Configuring Deployment Rules for an Android Device Size

Dec 21, 2015

You can use Device Manager deployment rules to differentiate between a smartphone and a tablet based on the size of the Android device, and then deploy the policies based on size of the target device. The screen size rules enable you to apply specific policies based on whether or not the device is a tablet or a smartphone. Because some deployment resources are tablet-specific, using the screen size property will ensure accurate deployments of tablet- or phone-specific policies.

You can create the rules, for example, if you want to deploy a TouchDown Android policy on all Android tablets except the Amazon Kindle, and you want to ensure that these policies do not get deployed to any smartphones that may happen to be running the same version of Android that the tablets are running. Conversely, you may want to deploy a similar Android package, but for smartphones.

You set the rules in the Edit package wizard, in Deployment rules, on the Simple or Advanced tabs.