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To define password requirements and enable encryption on Android device

Dec 21, 2015
You define the requirements for Android device passwords and enable encryption on Android 3.0 devices on the Password Policy window in Device Manager.
  1. On the New Configurations menu, click Password Policy.
  2. In the Password policy configuration creation dialog box, enter name for the policy and optionally, a description.
  3. To establish a password policy, click the Password policy tab.
  4. Select Require a code on the device and then complete the configuration parameters.
  5. To enable an encryption policy for Android 3.0 devices, click the Encryption tab.
  6. Select Enable device storage encryption.
    Note: This option is available for Android 3.0 and later. The Android 3.0 encryption operation will prompt the user to accept the action. It also requires the device to be plugged in and the device will not be usable for up to an hour while the encryption operation takes place. This is a function of the Android 3.0 encryption capability.
  7. For Samsung SAFE Devices, you have the option of setting a single password for multiples users on a device. Select the Use same password across all users check box to enable this option.
  8. Click Create.