Product Documentation

Configuring Touchdown for Android Devices

Dec 21, 2015

Device Manager leverages NitroDesk's TouchDown technology to enable you to push Exchange email configurations and security policies on Android devices using the ActiveSync protocol. It provides device administrator the ability to install TouchDown software on Android devices, configure device email settings, and apply corporate security policies to Android devices managed by Device Manager. Before you configure policies, do the following prerequisites:

  • Download NitroDesk TouchDown binary from the following locations:
    • (Smartphones with Android 2.x or 4.x)
    • (Honeycomb tablets - 3.x)

    You can visit the Android Marketplace and download the TouchDown app, or, you can download the software from your server running Device Manager. To download the TouchDown software to your Android device, make sure that you have either an internal or external SD card. Also, make sure that you enable the following setting on your Android device before attempting the download: Settings → Applications → Unknown Sources

Obtain a license. Contact XenMobile and provide them with your ActiveSync URL to get an encrypted license. For example, the ActiveSync URL for XenMobile is NitroDesk will provide the following information for licensing :

  • Server:
  • SERVER KEY (for ECE Licensing): BC89OjU5MTR2

Once you have obtained your TouchDown license, you will need to add that license key to any Android TouchDown policies you create in Device Manager.

If you want to test TouchDown before purchasing a license, when you install the Touchdown application on the device, a one-month free trial license is included. With this trial license you can still send down the Touchdown policies and settings from the server running XenMobile. The only difference between the paid and free license is that when using the free trial license the mail sync is manual, so the user must initiate the sync to receive email on the device. When using the full paid license, all mail will automatically sync to the device.