Product Documentation

XenMobile-Certified TouchDown Policies

Dec 21, 2015

The following is a list of XenMobile-certified TouchDown policies that you can use with your Android device. Device Manager provides several other policies that are available but not officially certified.

Email Data Encryption Policies
The following two TouchDown policies are required to enable secure email data encryption:
  • RequireStorageCardEncryption = true. If True, email attachments downloaded to an SD card will be encrypted. Also, the policy disallows moving a TouchDown profile/database to the SD card. Note that attachments prior to this policy will continue to remain in plain text, and all attachments after this policy is activated will be encrypted on the SD card.
  • RequireDeviceEncryption = true. If True encrypts Contacts, Calendar and Email content; i.e., header as well as body, but not attachments.
TouchDown License Policy
LicenseKey = <String>. String value that specifies license key for the TouchDown application.
Individual Security Policies
  • SuppressApplicationPIN = true. If True, the application will not show a PIN prompt and if you do not want the Exchange ActiveSync PIN to be enforced by TouchDown. This is useful if Device Manager decides to enforce a device level PIN. If set to False, then TouchDown will prompt for pin/passcode only once. To change that behavior, set this policy to false and add the policy named MaxInactivityTimeDeviceLock, which prompts the user for a pin/passcode after a period of inactivity.
  • MaxInactivityTimeDeviceLock. Integer value (in seconds) that defines maximum inactivity time period before device auto locks.
  • DevicePasswordEnabled = true. If this field is not present, TouchDown will honor the PIN policies that Exchange ActiveSync sends. If this field is present then True = Enable PIN prompting. False = TouchDown will not prompt for PIN (even if EAS policies require it). Please make sure to add the policy named MinDevicePasswordLength along with this policy.
  • MinDevicePasswordLength = 1,2,3...14. Integer value that defines minimum password length for device passwords. Please make sure to add policy:DevicePasswordEnabled along with this policy.
  • AlphaNumericDevicePasswordRequired = true|false. True, if you want TouchDown application to enforce alphanumeric codes for device passwords. Make sure to add policies:DevicePasswordEnabled and MinDevicePasswordLength along with this policy.
  • AllowSimpleDevicePassword = true|false. If True, allows simple device passwords. Make sure to add policies:DevicePasswordEnabled and MinDevicePasswordLength along with this policy.
  • AllowStorageCard = true|false. If false, prevents downloading of attachments to the SD card. Also, disallows moving of TouchDown profile/database to the SD card.
  • AttachmentsEnabled = true|false. True, ability to send/receive email attachments via TouchDown
  • RequireManualSyncWhenRoaming = true|false (to reduce data roaming charges). If True, ability to manually sync email when device is roaming thereby limiting data roaming charges.
  • DisableCopyToPhoneBook = true (for data loss prevention purposes). If True, this will cause TouchDown to never copy contacts to the device phone book.