Product Documentation

About the Registry Collection for Windows Mobile

Dec 21, 2015

The Registry collection is used to configure the Windows Mobile or Windows CE registry base of the mobile devices, thus allowing for a single point for device registry management. Device Manager includes a series of step-by-step wizards, allowing for rapid setup and deployment of registry configurations.

In addition to configuring both new and existing registry values, either for the operating system or installed third-party applications, you can manage the Device Manager client configuration options. This allows for multiple client backup settings, and control over network connectivity, and is included with a dedicated wizard.

A set of registry keys can only exist in a configuration. You can create different settings and then deploy them selectively to some or all of the mobile devices in the fleet. You can create a new registry configuration either manually or via the wizard. The configuration wizard includes pre-configured options for the following applications:

  • Device Manager options
  • Uninstall Device Manager client from a device
  • Scheduling
  • Connect on SMS reception / Connect on call
  • MS Exchange configuration for MS Outlook
  • Security rules
    Note: This feature is available only with the Device Manager Secure Device option.
  • Configure devices when roaming