Product Documentation

To create an iOS restrictions policy

Dec 21, 2015

iOS restrictions enable you to control a wide variety of options and actions on an iOS device, such as restricting voice dialing and camera usage, limiting Siri usage and You Tube, document syncing to iCloud, and more. Where indicated, some features are only supported on iOS 6 and require that the device to be placed into Supervised mode with the Apple Configurator.

  1. On the Policies tab, under iOS, click Configurations.
  2. In the New Configuration menu, click Profiles and Settings > Restrictions
  3. In Restrictions Configuration Creation, on the General tab, enter a name for the policy.
  4. On the Functionality tab, enter the following information:
    Tip: Any option for which you select Allow means that the user can perform the operation or use the feature. For example:
    • Allow use of camera. If selected, the user is able to use the camera on their iOS device. If deselected, the user cannot use the camera on their iOS device.
    • Allow screenshots. If selected, then the device user is able to take screenshots on the device. If deselected, the user cannot take screenshots on their iOS device.
    Note: Some of the iOS restrictions options apply only to specific versions of iOS (indicated under the option label), and some options only apply if the device is placed in supervised mode. For example, the ability to allow or block AirDrop is only supported on iOS 7 devices, whereas the ability to allow or block PhotoStream is supported on devices running iOS 5 and above.
  5. On the Functionality tab, enter restrictions you would like to set for iOS devices.
  6. On the iCloud tab, enter restrictions you want to configure for Apple iCloud.
  7. On the Security tab, enter any security restrictions.
  8. On the Applications tab, enter settings for the type of apps you want to restrict.
  9. On the Media Content tab, enter the settings for the types of media content you want to restrict.
  10. Click Create. The new policy appears in the Policies list.