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To create a Samsung Knox Exchange ActiveSync configuration

Dec 21, 2015

The Samsung Knox Exchange ActiveSync configuration allows you to remotely configure Exchange Email settings, such as server configuration and advanced mail server settings (SSL, synchronize contacts, synchronize calendar, make default email account).

  1. In the Device Manager web console, select the Policies tab.
  2. Under Android, click Configurations and then click New Configuration > Samsung -> Exchange ActiveSync Configuration (Available for Samsung Knox).
  3. In the Create an HTC Exchange ActiveSync configuration dialog box, General tab., enter the following information:
    1. Configuration Name. Type a name for the Exchange ActiveSync email configuration policy so it is easily identifiable in Device Manager.
    2. Comment. Type an optional comment for the policy.
    3. Server Address name. Server address of the Exchange ActiveSync server.
    4. User ID. Type the email account user name.
    5. Password. Type the email account user password.
    6. Domain. Type the domain for the Exchange ActiveSync server.
    7. Email address. Type the user's email address. In this field, you can use Device Manager system macros ${user.username} and ${user.mail}, which will automatically look up specific users and their email accounts based on the format listed.
    8. Identify Credential. If an identity server has been configured with Device Manager, then you can select the identify certificate or credential type here.
  4. Next, select the Advanced tab and select the advanced settings you want to be activated for the policy: Use SSL, Is default account, Synchronize contacts (between device client and server), Synchronize calendar.
  5. Click Create.