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To configure a SharePoint resource configuration site in Device Manager

Dec 21, 2015
When you configure a SharePoint resource configuration site, you define the SharePoint server settings and specific directories (folders) that you want to expose to the device user.
Note: Make sure that your SharePoint folders on the SharePoint server do not use special characters such as a comma(,), semicolon(;), or period(.), or they will not appear on your users' devices.
  1. In Device Manager, click the Policies tab.
  2. Under App Policies, under SharePoint, click Resource Configurations.
  3. Click New Configuration.
  4. In the Create a resource configuration dialog box, on the Site/Folder Config tab, enter a name for the SharePoint site and then configure the following:
    • Name. The name of the resource definition.
    • Description. A free text description describing the resource.
    • Site. Enter the SharePoint site Web address.
    • Doc Library/Folder. Enter the list of path relative to the base site that you want to publish.
    • Include Sub-folders. Enables the access to sub folders of the above defined path.
    • Document Control. Check all the document controls that are applied to the doc libraries.
  5. In the Options dialog box, configure extra options you would like to apply to the SharePoint document folder on your users' iOS devices, such as if the documents should be wiped from the device if the device is jailbroken, encryption and annotation of documents, and so on and then click Create.