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To configure Windows Phone 8 password policies

Dec 21, 2015
  1. On the Policies tab, under Windows Phone 8, click Configurations.
  2. In the New Configuration menu, click new Configuration > Password Policy.
  3. In the Create a password policy dialog box, on the General, enter a name for the policy and a brief description.
  4. In the Policies section, configure your Windows Phone 8 password policy according to the standards of your IT department. The password policy options are as follows:
    Option Description
    Require a password on the device Enables password protection on the device. If cleared, the device does not require a password on the device (unless the device user sets it manually).
    Allow simple password Allows the use of a simple password, which is one consisting only of repeated "2222" or sequential “abcd" characters.
    Password complexity
    • Alphanumeric: Requires that at least one character of the password is a letter.
    • Alphanumeric or Numeric: Requires that the password contain either at least one letter or one number (but not both).
    • Alphanumeric, Numeric, or none: Password can contain both alphanumeric and numeric characters.
    Minimum password length Allows you to set the minimum overall length (in characters) required for the password.
    Minimum password complex characters Allows you to the number of characters that are required to be present in the password. The characters are defined as: lower case alphabetical characters, upper case alphabetical characters, numbers, non-alphanumeric characters. For example, if the value is 2, a password with both upper case and lower case alphabetical characters would be sufficient, as would a password with lower case alphabetical characters and numbers.
    Password expiration (in days) Allows you to specify the number of days for which the password can remain unchanged. After the set number of days, the user is forced to change the password before the device is unlocked.
    Password history Allows you to specify the number of previously used passwords to store. When a user creates a new password, the user can't reuse a stored password that was previously used.
    Inactivity before device lock (in minutes) Allows you to specify the length of time that the phone can be inactive before the password is required to reactivate it. You can specify any interval between 30 seconds and 1 hour. The default is 15 minutes. The format of the setting is; for example, 15:00 = 15 minutes.
  5. Click Create. The new policy appears in the Policies list.