Product Documentation

To create a certificate template for XenMobile certificate requests

Dec 21, 2015
  1. Open the an MMC Console with a domain administrator account and then add a Snap-In for Certificate Templates.
  2. Open Certificate Templates.
  3. Right-click the User template and then click Duplicate Template.
  4. Select Windows 2003 Server for the template type and then click OK.
  5. In Template Display Name, enter a certificate. Note the actual Template Name because you will need it later in the configuration.
  6. Optionally, select Publish certificate in Active Directory.
  7. Click the Request Handling tab and then specify Signature and Encryption.
  8. Enable or disable Allow private key to be exported.
  9. Select Enroll subject without requiring any user input.
  10. Select Supply in the request.
  11. Click OK on the warning window.
  12. Click the Security tab.
  13. Grant Enroll permissions to a user account that will be making the certificate requests from Device Manager.
  14. Open MMC and add a Snap-In for Certification Authority. Expand the CA server and right-click Certificate Templates.
  15. Make sure that User template as shown in the screenshot below exists within Certificate Templates. Make sure that User template exists, otherwise the server will be unable to issue a user certificate.
  16. Click New and then click Certificate Template to Issue. Select the certificate template you created in the preceding steps.