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To configure Microsoft Internet Information Services

Dec 21, 2015
  1. In Administrative Tools, select Server Manager.
  2. Under Web Server (IIS), under Role Services, verify that Client Certificate Mapping Authentication and IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication are installed. If not, install these role services.
  3. In Administrative Tools, click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  4. In the left-hand pane of the IIS Manager window, select the server running the IIS instance for web enrollment and then click Authentication.
  5. Make sure Active Directory Client Certificate Authentication is Enabled.
  6. Click Sites and then in the right pane, click Bindings.
  7. Add an HTTPS binding if one does not exist.
  8. Go to Web Server (IIS) > Sites > Default Web Site > CertSrv
  9. Click SSL Settings and then click Accept for Client Certificates.