Product Documentation

To configure the RSA Adapter in the Device Manager web console

Dec 21, 2015
To configure the RSA adapter in the Device Manager web console, you first configure a new PKI entity. Next, you create a new iOS profile to enable use of the Certificate Authority.

To configure a new PKI entity

  1. Log on to the Device Manager web console and then click Options.
  2. In the XenMobile Server Options dialog box, under PKI, click Entities.
  3. In the PKI entities configuration screen, click New and then click New generic PKI entity.
  4. Enter a name and then enter a URL for the WSDL that you installed when you finished the RSA Adapter installation. For example:
  5. If the adapter is available over HTTPS/SSL, upload the SSL client certificate. If you are not using SSL, skip to the next step.
  6. Click Load.
  7. Test the connection to the adapter. Click the Capabilities tab and then click Ping. A "Ping Successful" message should appear.

To create a new iOS profile

  1. Click the Policies tab, click to expand iOS and then click Configurations.
  2. Create a new policy for the PKI authority that you installed by clicking New Profile.
  3. On the same server running Device Manager, add a new logger in the log4j configuration to ensure proper error handling and auditing. In Internet Explorer, navigate to the following Web address based on your installation: http://<host>/<instance>/log.jsp
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the table and add a new logger entry for the com.sparus.nps.pki.
  5. Set the logging level to TRACE.
  6. Test the deployment profile on a new iOS device by moving the new PKI package into the Resources to Deploy section so you can deploy the package to an iOS device.
  7. Register a new device that is targeted with the package and verify that you see the new certificate on the iOS device. If the package does not deploy, check the log file and then contact IT support.