Product Documentation

Installing and Configuring the XenMobile RSA Adapter

Dec 21, 2015

The XenMobile RSA Adapter provides a mechanism for Device Manager to sign and revoke certification against an RSA Certificate Authority Version 6.8. The RSA Adapter enables device identity for mobile device management (MDM) mutual authentication and user credential certificates for use in conjunction with WiFi, VPN, and Exchange ActiveSync profiles. You perform the following tasks to install the RSA Adapter:

  1. Set the Java SDK path on the Windows-based computer where you will install the RSA Adapter.
  2. Configure the correct port (80) on your Tomcat server
  3. Copy the RSA Adapter installation and configuration files into a target installation directory.
  4. Edit the RSA Adapter properties file with values obtained from the RSA Certificate Authority Manager Console.
  5. Copy the RSA Certificate Authority Manager .cert and .key files to the installation computer.
  6. Execute the RSA Adapter installation executable to install the software.
  7. Verify the installation in a browser.

You perform the following tasks to configure the RSA Adapter:

  1. Create and configure a PKI entity profile in Device Manager to be able to connect to the RSA Web Services Description Language (WSDL).
  2. Create an iOS profile to enable use of the Certificate Authority.
  3. Add a new logger in the log4j configuration to ensure proper error handling and auditing.
  4. Configure the new PKI profile so it can be deployed to an iOS device and validated.