Product Documentation

To upload a MortScript file

Dec 21, 2015
You can add MortScript (.mscr) files to Device Manager to deploy to Windows Mobile devices. MortScript is a batch scripting language that allows you to perform basic functions, such as opening or closing apps, running processes, creating directories, establishing or closing network connections, and other basic device functions,
  1. Click the Files tab and then click New file.
  2. In the Import a file to the XenMobile MDM database dialog box, browse to the MortScript file on your computer and then click Open.
  3. Enter the following script parameters:
    1. Execute script. Select this option to execute the script automatically when the file transfer is done.
    2. Macro must be replaced. Select this option if you want to search and replace the macros inside the scripts.
    3. Specify what to do if the file already exists. If the files are different, you can choose make a copy or to not overwrite the existing one.
      Note: You must encode MortScript files by using ANSI character set if possible. Unicode is also supported with proper prefixes.
  4. Click Import.