Product Documentation

Viewing Reports

Dec 21, 2015

The Device Manager server repository database keeps a log of connections and data exchanges between each mobile device and the Device Manager server (Logs). Device Manager reporting provides detailed information such as by tunnel or by user. Device Manager reports are available through an integrated set of reports.

The Display a Report collection provides the following reports that assist you understand and manage your mobile device asset base:

  • Session report (connection logs)
  • Administrator options
  • Groups, users and roles summary
  • Device Software Report
  • Hardware inventory
  • Deployment Rule Report per device
  • Deployment Rule Report per package
  • Jailbroken or rooted devices
  • Inactive devices
  • Device enrollment
  • Distribution of devices
  • Blacklist / Whitelist application compliance report
  • Device Events
  • Terms and Conditions

You can also export reports to a Microsoft Excel CSV file and delete reports from Device Manager by using the Manage Historical Data Collection. When you export the report to a CSV file, Device Manager creates a text file containing all of the activity report data for the specified range of dates.

The Delete option removes data logged before a specified date from Device Manager. Use this option carefully; it cannot be undone.