Product Documentation

Search for applications

Dec 08, 2016

You use the Search for Applications dialog box to search a directory structure for applications to import into AppDNA. AppDNA finds any files in the specified location that match the criteria you enter and then lists them on the appropriate tab in the Import Applications screen.

If you are on the Self-Provisioning tab when you open this dialog box, AppDNA lists all types of files found on the Self-Provisioning tab. If you are on the Direct Import or Install Capture tab when you open this dialog box, AppDNA lists .msi, .sft, and .appv files on the Direct Import tab and all other file types on the Install Capture tab.

To open the Search for Applications dialog box: On the toolbar in the Import Applications screen, click Search.

Folder to search – Specify the folder you want to search. Click Browse to navigate to the folder.

Recursive – Select this check box to specify that you want AppDNA to search the subfolders of the folder specified above.

File name – wildcard * – Use this text box to specify a full or partial file name to search for. You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character. For example, ABC* matches files whose names start with "ABC" and are followed by no or any number of other characters; *ABC* matches files that have "ABC" anywhere in their file name. The search is case-insensitive. The default value is *, which matches all file names.

MSI – Select this check box if you want to find .msi packages.

NON-MSI - Select this check box if you want to find other types of installation package. Use the drop-down list to specify the types of installation files you want to find. These can be .exe, .sft, .appv, or .bat files, or any combination of these types.

Options – Click for additional options. These are organized on two tabs:

  • Import options – This tab provides options to apply to the applications:
    • Search for associated MSI transforms (.MST files) – Select this check box if you want to search for .mst files. The .mst files are enumerated in reverse chronological order.
    • Import into group – This lists the groups that have been created. Choose a group to automatically add the applications to that group as they are imported. See Manage Groups for information about creating groups.
  • Batch import – This tab provides options to select applications for import in batches. This is useful if the folder (and if relevant its subfolders) contain a very large number of applications.
    • Import in batches - Select this check box to select applications in batches.
    • Applications in a batch – Specify the number of applications in a batch here. You can then use this dialog box to select the applications for import one batch at a time. Increment the Batch number by one each time, until all of the applications have been imported.
    • Batch number – When importing applications in batches, specify the batch number you want to select for import here.