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Dec 08, 2016

AppDNA 7.12 is a maintenance release that includes a number of fixed issues


AppDNA logging during Application and OS imports has been improved to help with troubleshooting. For more information on how to enable verbose logging, see Troubleshoot.

Compliance Manager module

In AppDNA 7.11, the Compliance Manager module expanded its scope of security analysis to identify and report on outdated versions of Open SSL, managed cryptography APIs, and missing SafeSEH (Safe Structured Exception Handling).

In AppDNA 7.12, this module remains a feature for evaluation and should not be used to make decisions to deploy applications to the production environment.

The Compliance Manager module helps you understand if applications that you are planning to deploy into your IT infrastructure could introduce security risks. This module contains an initial set of algorithms and reports, which will be extended in the future. Share feedback on the module's accuracy, coverage and relevance in the AppDNA discussion forums. To view the algorithms, select Configure Modules Compliance Manager. Once you have imported and analyzed the applications, you can view the reports from Reports: Applications Compliance Manager > Security. Reports offer analysis and drill-down by application of the issues identified. 

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