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Fixed issues in AppDNA 7.x

Oct 08, 2015

AppDNA 7.6.5

Compared to: AppDNA 7.6.3

AppDNA 7.6.5 contains all fixes that were included in AppDNA 7, 7.5, 7.6, and 7.6.3, plus the following new fixes:

  • When upgrading from Blowfish 6.1.63 , reports show the the old RAG icons. [# 13514]
  • Remediation report OS image details are truncated for from & to OSs[#13894]
  • Custom reports analysis details do not get updated in the Dashboard pie charts in some scenarios. [#16519]
  • The Self Provisioning Client installer does not create a shortcut in the Start Menu. [#17022]
  • 'Export is not done. Report is NOT exported as PDF' message shown for Interop solution report. [#17363]
  • XenApp upgrade and adoption solutions are not available in AppDNA until you log off and log back on to AppDNA. [#17364]
  • Search functionality does not work for System frameworks. [#17548]
  • Remote database installation fails for single machine web server installation. [#17608]
  • It is not possible to log on to AppDNA after the password changes and Auto logon was set. [#17689]
  • Unhandled error on settings screen when trying to edit something while Overview Summary report was loading. [#17690]
  • Save button is not enabled in the Edit settings screen after a user’s saved credentials are cleared. [#17691]
  • 'SQL Error: Incorrect syntax near '}' ' message shown on applying or saving changes in external data. [#17807]


AppDNA 7.6.3

Compared to: AppDNA 7.6

AppDNA 7.6.3 contains all fixes that were included in AppDNA 7, 7.5, 7.6, plus the following, new fixes:

  • You can accidentally delete all source platforms in the solutions wizards for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x upgrades or adoption. [#13675]

  • The pie charts on issues reports incorrectly show the RAG status of an application that is dependent on an application with a higher RAG status, if both of the applications have journal entries. [#17540]

  • The upgrade to AppDNA 7.6 does not assign solutions permissions to users who have a custom role. When those users log on, the message 'There were errors retrieving solution templates' appears. [#17553]

  • Remediation action reports for imported web applications do not display. [#17583]

  • For user accounts imported from Active Directory, integrated login fails with the error 'Wrong username or password'. [#17609]

  • Using the AppDNA SDK to configure a XenDesktop upgrade solution with a Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) source platform results in an error that indicates the OS is not supported. [#17672]

  • The Load AD & ConfigMgr Data screen does not have a scroll bar, preventing you from selecting all OUs. [#17789]

  • When server side queuing is enabled, clicking View Queued Events on the Dashboard crashes AppDNA. [#17841]

  • An upgrade fails if server-side queuing is enabled in the prior version of AppDNA. [#18965]

AppDNA 7.6

Compared to: AppDNA 7.5

AppDNA 7.6 contains all fixes that were included in AppDNA 7 and 7.5, plus the following, new fixes:

  • Using a SQL keyword as the name of a solution platform causes an error to display instead of the solutions report. [#14235]

  • Using a C# keyword as the name of a custom report causes errors during report configuration. [#15313]

AppDNA 7.5

Compared to: AppDNA 7

AppDNA 7.5 contains all fixes that were included in AppDNA 7, plus the following, new fixes:

  • The file Citrix AppDNA Web Application Capture.msi is missing from the AppDNA Tools folder.

  • SQL Script execution errors occurs during an upgrade of AppDNA 6.3 to 7.0.

  • Errors occur when platform names and custom report names are the same as SQL reserved words.

  • After an upgrade to AppDNA 7, users other than administrators cannot view the Overview summary report.

  • In AppDNA installations upgraded from AppTitude 5.0, an analysis failure occurs because the database contains a record for an obsolete module named Middleware.

AppDNA 7

Compared to: AppDNA 6.3

  • Reports do not include the group name for grouped results. "Not grouped" appears as the group name. [#8179]

  • When you access a report for a nested group from the Manage Groups screen, the report does not include the group name for the nested group. [#10689]

  • If Install Capture cannot discover the product name, manufacturer, and version for applications or is unable to install them, AppDNA cannot differentiate the applications and so handles them as if they are the same application. [#11186]

  • In reports exported to an MHT format, the links under Action Detail do not work. [#11188]

  • Use of Direct Import to import an App-V SFT file results in the error "MsiViewExecute returned error 1627". [#11587]

  • If server-side queuing is enabled, a user must be logged in as an AppDNA user account administrator to cancel tasks, even if that user's own account includes the needed permissions. [#11592]

  • The RVx64_002 and DRVx64_002a algorithms do not detect embedded signatures in driver files. [#11704]

  • Changes to the Install Capture settings for desktop width and height are not applied to a Remote Desktop Connection window opened for vSphere or Hyper-V virtual machines. [#11730]

  • Use of Direct Import to import an APPV file fails. [#11800]

  • A report that is disabled in the Module Management screen continues to appear on the Dashboard. [#11825]

  • The AppDNA directed spider run in manual mode does not capture iFrame elements. [#12347]

  • Use of Direct Import to import ibmwebsphere.msi does not complete. [#13326]

  • The VMware console does not automatically open when you use Install Capture with a VMware Workstation 9 or Workstation 7.4 on Windows 7. [#13363]

  • Install Capture fails during the "after snapshot" step for the application DWGTrueView2014_fra_64bit when some CLSID registry keys are present. [#13483]