Product Documentation

Replace a primary StorageZones Controller

Dec 22, 2015

To replace a primary StorageZones Controller with one that is in a different location, such as on a different domain, use the backup and restore procedures. The following steps ensure that your configuration settings and all of your data is transferred.

  1. Create a backup file for your existing StorageZones Controller configuration. Refer to Back up a primary StorageZones Controller configuration.
  2. Install, but do not configure, a StorageZones Controller in the new network location.
  3. Import the backed up configuration onto the new controller. Refer to Recover a primary StorageZones Controller configuration.
  4. Copy your data to the new network share, log on to the Configuration console for the new StorageZones Controller, and enter the new storage path information. Refer to Transfer files to a new network share.
  5. In the new StorageZones Controller Configuration console, update the external URL of the controller. Refer to Change the address or passphrase of a primary StorageZones Controller.