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Directiva de dispositivo XenMobile Store

Feb 16, 2017

You can create a policy in XenMobile to specify whether iOS, Android, or Windows Tablet devices display a XenMobile Store webclip on the devices' home screen. 

1. In the XenMobile console, click Configure > Device Policies. The Device Policies page appears.

2. Click Add. The Add a New Policy dialog box appears.

3. Expand More, and then under Apps, click Store. The Store Policy page appears.

localized image

4. In the Policy Information pane, enter the following information:

  • Policy Name: Type a descriptive name for the policy.
  • Description: If desired, type a description of the policy.

5. Click Next. The Platforms page appears.

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6. Under Platforms, select the platforms you want to add. If you are only configuring for one platform, clear the others.

7. For each platform that you configure, select whether a XenMobile Store webclip appears on users' devices. The default is ON.

After you configure each platform, refer to Step 8 for how to set that platform's deployment rules.

8. Configure the deployment rules

9. Click Next, the XenMobile Store Policy assignment page appears.

10. Next to Choose delivery groups, type to find a delivery group or select a group or groups in the list to which you want to assign the policy. The groups you select appear in the right-hand Delivery groups to receive app assignment list.

11. Expand Deployment Schedule and then configure the following settings:

  • Next to Deploy, click ON to schedule deployment or click OFF to prevent deployment. The default option is ON. If you choose OFF, no other options need to be configured.
  • Next to Deployment schedule, click Now or Later. The default option is Now.
  • If you click Later, click the calendar icon and then select the date and time for deployment.
  • Next to Deployment condition, click On every connection or click Only when previous deployment has failed. The default option is On every connection.
  • Next to Deploy for always-on connection, click ON or OFF. The default option is OFF.


  • This option applies when you have configured the scheduling background deployment key in Settings Server Properties. The always-on option is not available for iOS devices.
  • The deployment schedule you configure is the same for all platforms. Any changes you make apply to all platforms, except for Deploy for always on connection, which does not apply to iOS.

12. Click Save.