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Fixed Issues in Previous 5.2 Builds

Dec 18, 2015

The issues that were addressed in Command Center 5.2 releases prior to Build 44.11. The build number provided below the issue description indicates the build in which this issue was addressed.

  • The sorting option after performing a search on the Monitoring tab does not work.

    [From Build 40.1] [#429631]

  • On the Administration tab, after you configure the access setting values for server protocol and server port, and then upgrade Command Center, default server protocol and server port values are reset to their defaults.

    [From Build 40.1] [#407104]

  • The SoftwareUpgrade task fails to upgrade CloudBridge appliances.

    [From Build 40.1] [#435675]

  • You might not be able to configure a high availability (HA) setup after upgrading a Command Center hardware appliance to version 5.1 build 33.3.

    [From Build 40.1] [#446983]

  • On a Command Center hardware appliance running software version 5.1 build 33.3, a failover can cause the MYSQL replication to fail, which in turn can disable high availability (HA) functionality.

    [From Build 40.1] [#451089]

  • You cannot modify the device profile from the Citrix Network > Add Device > Modify icon.

    [From Build 40.1] [#366507]

  • Huge NetScaler configuration files cause high disk usage.

    [From Build 40.1] [#443441]

  • After you upgrade Command Center, you cannot change the Command Center password.

    [From Build 40.1] [#452151]

  • You might not be able to configure a high availability (HA) setup after changing the password of a Command Center hardware appliance.

    [From Build 40.1] [#452506]

  • On the Configuration tab, the task specific execution log does not display the Command Center user details.

    [From Build 40.1] [#451621]

  • On the Configuration tab, after you click Add Command to add a command while adding or editing a custom task, the Command field d does not provide a scroll option for long commands.

    [From Build 40.1] [#451367]

  • On the Configuration tab, when you edit a custom task and click Add Task Variable to add a variable task, some fields are not displayed.

    [From Build 40.1] [#451390]

  • The Monitoring tab might not display the list of polled entities for a NetScaler HA pair.

    [From Build 40.1] [#461609]

  • When you add a device, the Device Profile drop-down list does not display all the available device profiles.

    [From Build 40.1] [#460486, 461822]

  • If you use the Command Center graphical user interface (GUI) to change the database password for a high availability (HA) setup, the password change is not propagated to the secondary Command Center appliance.

    [From Build 40.1] [#458009]

  • When you generate a technical support file, the size of the stdout.txt file increases, causing an Out Of Memory (OOM) condition. As a result, Command Center fails to generate the technical support files.

    [From Build 41.14] [#450086]

  • Event severity configuration changes roll back to their default configurations after a service pack installation.

    [From Build 41.14] [#203098]

  • When a secure FTP to a NetScaler device fails, an OutOfMemory (OOO) error occurs.

    [From Build 41.14] [#381157, 462974]

  • If the licensing server fails, you cannot log on to Command Center.

    [From Build 41.14] [#454501]

  • An IE9 browser displays long overlapping commands in the ConfigurationChangeHistory built-in audit policy reports.

    [From Build 41.14] [#464370]

  • The refresh button on the Citrix Network > Maps page does not work.

    [From Build 41.14] [#465180]

  • In Command Center 5.2, you cannot modify the custom logs, such as ccapiout.txt, ccapierr.txt and ccagentout.txt.

    [From Build 41.14] [#465802]

  • You can create duplicate groups through the 'Add Users' option.

    [From Build 41.14] [#477690]

  • If you upgrade Command Center to version 5.2, build 40.1, the SNMP community setting might become a blank string.

    [From Build 41.14] [#470841]

  • If you click on the Monitoring tab, Command Center throws an undefined error.

    [From Build 41.14] [#474504]

  • The AppFirewall Recent Logs Screen displays incorrect field values if the Signature category contains more than one hyphen in Signature Violations syslogs.

    [From Build 42.7] [#507310]

  • The Reporting tab for Application Firewall (Reporting> AppFirewall > Recent Logs) displays incorrect values for APPFW_MAX_UPLOADS.

    [From Build 42.7] [#500465]

  • After you install Command Center, you cannot add a CloudBridge 7.2.1 appliance to the Command Center inventory if the CloudBridge serial number is more than 50 characters long.

    [From Build 42.7] [#494506, 262274]

  • After you upgrade a Command Center appliance, you might not be able to log on to Command Center if you have configured a syslog server with a port value other than the default.

    [From Build 42.7] [#503478]

  • The entities displayed on the Monitoring tab disappear when the cleanup scheduler deletes the latest polled entities along with the older ones.

    [From Build 42.7] [#508157]

  • The uninstall option functions on Command Center appliance.

    [From Build 42.7] [#489381]

  • The custom task parameters are not preserved if you create a custom task by importing an xml file or if you export the custom task as an xml file.

    [From Build 42.7] [#487502, 487158]

  • If, While configuring the server settings on the Administration tab (Settings > Server Settings), you select host name as the Device label, the search functionality for host name does not work across the Command Center graphical user interface.

    [From Build 42.7] [#471722]

  • The following counters are defined as OCTET STRINGs in NetScaler SNMP MIB, but are actually Counter64 values and are not polled in Command Center for reporting.







    [From Build 42.7] [#486885]

  • If an existing custom task is open when you create a new custom task, the details of the new task are replicated in the existing task.

    [From Build 42.7] [#506699]

  • If you configure the root user password of a Command Center appliance to include special characters, the root user cannot use SSH to connect to the Command Center virtual machine or the XenServer virtual machine.

    [From Build 42.7] [#503379]

  • If Command Center is configured with a custom certificate that does not have a default password, the Command Center service fails to start during an upgrade.

    [From Build 43.19] [#558984]

  • Command Center service fails to start, because of JRE corruption.

    [From Build 43.19] [#555113]

  • When OpenLDAP is used for Command Center authentication, a logon attempt with valid credentials fails.

    [From Build 43.19] [#546717]

  • If you configure the autoconfiguration feature and create a configuration profile with more than 675 lines of commands, the configuration profile is not listed in the configured profile list.

    [From Build 43.19] [#492978]

  • You cannot export the device inventory details for CloudBridge Accelerator and NetScaler devices.

    [From Build 43.19] [#494486]

  • The Administration tab displays the following error message if Command Center does not receive enough database connections:

    'Audit Log:{ "errorcode": 400, "message": "No Custom view found with the id "AuthAudit" for user <user_name>i"}

    Workaround: Run the Update_Patch_Db.bat/.sh file file located in <CCHome>/bin/ path to solve the issue.

    [From Build 43.19] [#508371, 517512, 525343]

  • The NetScaler dashboard (Monitoring > NetScaler> Dashboard) displays incorrect CPU usage percentage values for NetScaler MPX appliances.

    [From Build 43.19] [#520245, 520362]

  • If a user is disabled on the Active Directory server, and a new user logs on to the Command Center server, the logs show that the user who is disabled on the Active Directory server is performing the actions of creating the new user on the Command Center server as part of authentication.

    [From Build 43.19] [#509985]

  • The NetScalerConfigChange trap is generated every time a NetScaler 10.5 appliance is rediscovered.

    [From Build 43.19] [#511987]

  • If you sort the date columns on the Command Center server, the sort is based on the string, not the date value.

    [From Build 43.19] [#517492]

  • When you search for Active Directory groups by specifying the group name characters, Command Center displays incorrect results.

    [From Build 43.19] [#522857]

  • In an HA configuration, the data in the primary node is not synced with the secondary nodebecause of compression issues.

    [From Build 43.19] [#509033]

  • Command Center displays an error message if you access NITRO APIs by using unsupported JRE versions.

    [From Build 43.19] [#519367]

  • If you upgrade a Command Center server to release 5.2, the Command Center service does not start. It displays the "No suitable driver found" error message.

    [From Build 43.19] [#520472]

  • The Linux script throws a bad interpreter error because the script contains ^M characters.

    [From Build 43.19] [#521956]

  • The Customize button for all built-in tasks is now modified to "Save As."

    [From Build 43.19] [#517503]

  • Your Command Center service account changes to a network service account after you upgrade to a release 5.2 build.

    [From Build 43.19] [#522953]

  • On the device inventory screen, if you right-click a device and click Alarms, the Command Center server displays the "Error in retrieving alarms" message.

    It also does not function if you configure Command Center to display the Host Name column.

    [From Build 43.19] [#527294]

  • On the Citrix Device Inventory, the View Alarms operations does not function if you configure Command Center to display the Host Name column.

    [From Build 43.19] [#527297]

  • If an alarm is triggered when you assign the Execute Task action with an SNMP filter, the Command Center server displays the "Error in retrieving Alarm Trigger" error message.

    [From Build 43.19] [#527706]

  • The user credentials of external users who are authenticated over the RADIUS server are stored in the Command Center server.

    [From Build 43.19] [#533061]

  • If a user is present in both local server and RADIUS server, the user password gets overwritten on the Command Center server.

    [From Build 43.19] [#533618]