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Dec 18, 2015

The list of limitations available in Build 44.11.

  • The details of a security violation of type APPFW_CSRF_TAG, displayed in AppFirewall log messages, are incorrect for NetScaler devices running release 10.0.

    [From Build 44.11] [#347274]

  • In the Authentication settings for Active Directory Group extraction, the option to retrieve the attributes from the Active Directory server and select the attributes from the retrieved list is not available in Command Center release 5.1 or later.

    [From Build 44.11] [#347208]

  • AES based encryption is not applicable for USMTable in SNMPv3 discovery.

    [From Build 44.11] [#450079]

  • The counter values for Transmit Link utilization and Receive link Utilization are incorrect.

    [From Build 44.11] [#398919]

  • When you replicate a configuration on a NetScaler device, the L2 and L3 configurations are also replicated.

    [From Build 44.11] [#371907]

  • The advanced search and find device features, formerly on the Home page, are not available in the Command Center release 5.2, because of migration to the new user interface framework.

    [From Build 44.11] [#290553, 337222, 353906]

  • The Replicate Configuration feature is not supported for a NetScaler cluster or for NetScaler devices in a high availability pair.

    [From Build 44.11] [#370232]

  • The option to export the details in the custom views of Events and Alarms is not available in Command Center release 5.2.

    The following export options are not available in Command Center release 5.2:

    * Export entire custom view data

    * Export displayed data

    * Export Annotations

    [From Build 44.11] [#354869]

  • If the number of failure objects in Command Center is high and you create or modify custom views in Events and Alarms, a script error occurs.

    [From Build 44.11] [#377592]

  • Command Center does not support Windows authentication mode for an MSSQL database. It only supports SQL authentication mode.

    [From Build 44.11] [#531252]