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Configuring a NetScaler Cluster from Command Center

Dec 18, 2015
To create a cluster from Command Center, under Configure Cluster, set up a cluster backplane, add the first node to the cluster from the list of discovered NetScaler devices in Command Center, and then assign a cluster IP address. After you have created the cluster, you can add more nodes to the cluster.
To configure a NetScaler Cluster
  1. On the Citrix Network tab, in the left pane, expand Device Inventory, and then click Devices.
  2. In the right pane, select the device for which you want to configure a cluster, and then from the Action drop-down list click Configure Cluster.
  3. Under Configure Cluster, provide the following parameters.
    • Cluster IP . The IP address to assign as Cluster IP address.
    • Cluster ID . An identification number that distinguishes the cluster from other clusters. Minimum value: 1. Maximum value: 16.
    • Node ID An identification number that distinguishes the node from other nodes in the cluster. Each node in the cluster must have a different node ID. Minimum value: 0. Maximum value: 31.
    • Node IP The IP address of the NetScaler device you intend to add as cluster node.
    • State . The configured state of the cluster node. Possible values: ACTIVE, PASSIVE, SPARE. Default: PASSIVE.
    • Back Plane . Backplane interface of the node. For example, if node 0 uses interface 1/1, the value of this parameter is 0/1/1. If node Id is 1, backplane will be 1/1/1. It is a combination of node id/interface/port number.
  4. Click Create. You have created a single-node cluster. After Command Center discovers the new cluster, you can add additional nodes.