Product Documentation

Viewing Inaccessible Devices

Dec 18, 2015
When any step of the discovery process fails either when adding a new device or when rediscovering an existing device, Command Center moves the device to the Inaccessible Systems node and notifies the administrator through an event. Subsequent successful rediscovery of the device makes it available for monitoring and managing.

To view the inaccessible devices

  1. On the Citrix Network tab, in the left pane, expand Device Inventory, and click Inaccessible Systems.
  2. You can perform the following set of tasks on inaccessible devices:
    • Status::
    • Rediscover: Rediscover the device map.
    • Quick Report: View reports about the performance of a specified device.
    • Configuration Utility: Navigate to the device configuration utility.
    • Invoke CLI: Invoke the command line interface of the device.
    • Ping: Ping the device.
    • Trace Route: View the route of a packet from the server to the device.
    • Execute Task: Execute built-in and custom tasks to make configuration changes across devices, upgrade firmware, and replicate a device's configuration to other devices on your network.