Product Documentation

Initial Configuration Wizard

Dec 18, 2015

The Initial Configuration wizard helps you set up the Command Center configuration for the first time after installing the Command Center. This wizard enhances the first time user experience by helping a new user get started with Command Center efficiently and effectively by setting up the one time configuration for adding a device.

A dashboard is provided in the home tab to provide information about the configured settings based on the module and its usage. The dashboard also provides an option to configure the settings instantly.

You can add devices by specifying the host names of the devices, the IP addresses of each device, a range of IP addresses, and NAT HA devices. If you have configured IPv6 feature on the NetScaler device, you can add the NetScaler device using the NetScaler IP addresses in IPv6 format. You can also add devices by importing the device names from a file. Note that when you specify a range, the first three octets of the low and high addresses must be the same. Command Center can discover only 254 devices in an IP address range.

Adding a Device

To begin monitoring and managing Citrix devices, first add the device in the Command Center.
  1. Under Add Device, provide the following details:
    • Select either of the following check boxes:
      • Enter Device IP: In the Devices text box, type the host names, or IP addresses, Cluster IP addresses, IP addresses in IPv6 format, ranges of IP addresses of devices, and IP addresses of NAT devices you want to discover.
        Note: When adding a NetScaler high-availability pair whose NetScaler IP (NSIP) addresses are in IPv6 format, use the pound sign (#) as a separator between the two addresses: < IPv6 address>#<IPv6 address >.
      • Import from File: Select the Import from file check box, and then click the Choose File to select a file containing the host names and/or IP addresses of the devices you want to discover.
    • From the Device Profile drop-down list, select the device family.
      Note: If the device password is not a default password, click the + icon next to the Device Profile drop-down list to create a new device profile and provide the user credentials and SNMP details.
  2. Click Continue.

    If the device is discovered successfully, the Device Status Summary is displayed.

  3. Click Continue.

    After the device is discovered, it is displayed in the Citrix Network tab.

    In the right pane, from the Advanced menu, you can also configure authentication settings, mail server settings, and/or disk management.

    For details about authentication settings, see Configuring Authentication Settings.

    For details about mail server settings, see Configuring Mail Server Settings.

    For details about disk management, see Configuring Server Settings.