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Logging on to Command Center

Dec 18, 2015
You need to connect to the Command Center server by using the HTML Web client.

To log on to Command Center

  1. In your Web browser address field, type one of the following:
    • ComputerName is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN), host name, or the IP address of the Command Center server.
    • PortNumber is the port used by the Command Center client and server to communicate with each other. The default port number for HTTP is 9090 and for HTTPS is 8443.
  2. On the Login page, in User Name and Password, type the user name and password to connect to the Command Center server, and then click Login.

    The default user name and password are root and public. However, Citrix recommends that you change the password after you install the Command Center server. For information about changing the root password, see Changing the Root Password.

    The Command Center Home page appears that provides you with a high-level view of the performance of the Citrix devices that you are managing and monitoring.

    On first log on, the Home page does not display any data because you do not have any Citrix devices discovered on your Command Center.

  3. In the Start in list, select how you want to log on to Command Center. The available options are Home, Citrix Network, Fault, Monitoring, Configuration, and Reporting. For example, if you want Command Center to display the Configuration page when you log on, select Configuration in the Start in list.
  4. In Timeout, type the length of time (in minutes, hours, or days) for which the session can be inactive before you must log in again. The timeout duration that you specify here is applicable only for this client. You can also specify timeout duration for all the users on the Access Settings page (Administration > Access Settings). For more information, see .
    Note: You must minimize the Alarm Summary table for the session timeout to work. If the Alarm Summary table is expanded, the session is considered to be active.
  5. Click Login to log in to the Command Center client.