Product Documentation

Installing Certificates for Secure Communication

Dec 18, 2015

You must install a certificate from a trusted certification authority to validate the server identity and to ensure secure communication between the Command Center server and the clients.

It is assumed that you already have the certificate you want to install.

You must convert the certificate to the pkcs#12 format by using any conversion tool, such as the openssl tool.

Note: You can install default certificates by using the cccerts.p12 file, which is located in the CC_Home directory.

To install the certificate

  1. Copy the file, which is in the pkcs#12 format, either to the root directory on the Command Center server or to your local system.
  2. Log on to the Command Center client.
  3. On the Administration tab, in the right pane, under Tools, click Install Certificate.
  4. In File, click Local (if you have saved the .p12 file on your local system) or click Server (if you have saved the file on the Command Center server), and then click Browse to select the .p12 file.
  5. In Password, specify the password that you had provided while converting the certificate to pkcs#12 format.
  6. Click OK and restart the Command Center server.
    Note: Changes to the certificate are effective after you restart the Command Center server.