Product Documentation

Viewing the Execution Log for all Tasks

Dec 18, 2015

View the status of commands in a task being executed, with the state (Failed, Success, or In-Progress) of the task. You can also set the interval for automatically refreshing the execution log.

To view the execution log for all tasks

  1. On the Configuration tab, in the left pane, under Configuration, click Execution Logs.
  2. The Execution Log pane displays the following details:
    • Task Name: Specifies the name of the executed task. Click the task name to view details about the commands that are executed.
    • Device: Specifies the IP address of the device on which the task is performed.
    • Start Time: Specifies the time at which the task started.
    • End Time: Specifies the time at which the task completed.
    • Status: Specifies the status of the task execution - success or failure.