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To create a .pfx APNS certificate by using Microsoft IIS

Dec 21, 2015
To use the APNS certificate from Apple with Device Manager, you need to complete the certificate request in Microsoft IIS, export the certificate as a PCKS #12 (.pfx) file and then import the APNS certificate into Device Manager.
Important: You need to use the same IIS server for this task as the server you used to generate the CSR.
  1. Open Microsoft IIS.
  2. Click the Server Certificates icon.
  3. In the Server Certificates window, click Complete Certificate Request.
  4. Browse to the Certificate.pem file from Apple. Type a friendly name or the certificate name and then click OK.
  5. Select the certificate that you identified in Step 4 and then click Export.
  6. Specify a location and file name for the .pfx certificate and a password and then click OK.
    Note: You will need the password for the certificate during the installation of Device Manager.
  7. Copy the .pfx certificate to the server on which Device Manager will be installed.
  8. Log on to the Device Manager web console as an administrator or as a user with access to the About tab.
  9. Click the About tab and then click Update APNS Certificate.
  10. In the Update APNS Certificate dialog box, browse to the APNS certificate .pfx file on your computer and then enter a new password.
  11. Click Load APNS Certificate.
  12. Click Update.