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Device Manager Pre-Installation Checklist

Dec 21, 2015
Before you install Device Manager, you should collect and record configuration information in order to complete a successful installation. This section includes a checklist that helps you define the information you need about the following:
  • TCP/IP LAN connection of 100 Mbps or faster
  • Static IP address
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) name published on the Internet and your local area network
  • Ports
  • Virtual private network (VPN) connection settings
  • Authentication, including Active Directory settings

This checklist lists the tasks you should complete and the configuration values you should note before you install Device Manager 8.0.

For instructions about installing and configuring Device Manager, see Installing Device Manager Server.

Device Manager Basic Network Connectivity

The Device Manager server is designed to be an edge gateway server that lives in the network DMZ. It will need to have a static IP address that is reachable from the public Internet, as well as a registered and published DNS host name so that devices can reach the server during enrollment and communicate with regularly. It is strongly recommended to use a separate A-record or CNAME record for any host living in a DMZ for anonymity of the true server host name.

Public IP address


DNS host name


Note the default gateway IP address.


Device Manager Service Account

The Device Manager service account must be a local administrator of the server. When you configure the service account, it must have the credentials to create databases in Microsoft SQL during Device Manager installation.

Service account user name


Database Installation

Device Manager creates a database during installation to an existing SQL server. Citrix recommends that the database reside on a separate server than Device Manager.

SQL server fully qualified domain name or IP address