Product Documentation

To install Device Manager on cluster node 2

Dec 21, 2015
  1. Install Device Manager on Cluster Node 2 and clear database install. Remember to use the same database name as that of Cluster Node 1.
  2. Copy the following files from Cluster Node 1 in <installation_dir>\tomcat\conf to the same place on Cluster Node 2.
    • https.p12
    • pki-ca-devices.p12
    • pki-ca-root.p12
    • pki-ca-servers.p12
    • pki-ca-root.crt.pem
  3. Import the certificates; do not create new certificates. The installer prompts you to enter passwords with which certificates were created (during installation of cluster node 1). Only the Keystore password text box appears.
  4. Enter the same keystore password which was used in 'cluster node 1' for the following screens.

After Device Manager is successfully installed, open a web browser from the same host - cluster node 2, go to http://localhost/zdm and then verify that the Device Manager web console appears. Stop the Device Manger Windows service.