Product Documentation

System Macros in Device Manager Notification Templates

Dec 21, 2015

Notification templates in Device Manager use the following system macros when you use the Automated Actions feature for automated sending. Citrix recommends that you do not modify macros in templates or else the notifications may not work.

  • Notifications are sent to the correct SMTP recipient address. For example, ${user.mail}.
  • Enrollment invitation Web addresses use the proper syntax to ensure secure authentication. For example, ${enrollment.url}.
  • Enrollment PINs can be generated. For example., ${}.
  • The correct Device Manager server host name is used. For example, http://${zdmserver.hostPath}/enroll.
  • The correct user device (ID, name, and so on) is used when sending notifications. For example, ${firstnotnull(device.TEL_NUMBER,device.serialNumber)}.
  • The cause of a automated notification is given to the user. For example, ${outofcompliance.reason(smg_block)}.