Product Documentation

To configure basic options for Android devices

Dec 21, 2015
You can configure some of the agent parameters for Android devices in Device Manager.
  1. Click XenMobile Options from the New Configurations menu.
  2. In the XenMobile Options dialog box, enter a name to the configuration and optionally enter a comment.
  3. Select the Hide traybar icon check box, if you want the tray icon to be visible in the traybar.
  4. In Connection time-out, set the connection time-out for the device's connection to the Device Manager server, in seconds. If the device does not connect, cancel the connection attempt.
  5. In Keep-alive interval, set the frequency that the device will ping the server, in order to keep the connection alive.
  6. Specify the degree to which the device user will be notified of support actions initiated remotely.
  7. Click Save.