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To configure a TouchDown policy to install and configure Exchange email accounts

Dec 21, 2015
You can use TouchDown in Device Manager to install and configure Exchange email accounts for users for your Android device users.
Note: For each TouchDown policy that you create, be sure to add the TouchDown license key to the policy, or the policy will not work
  1. Click the Policies tab and then under Android, click Configurations.
  2. Click New Configuration and then click TouchDown Email.
  3. In the Add a TouchDown Email configuration dialog box, enter a configuration name for the policy (such as TouchDown Email) and then enter your Exchange email parameters.
    Important: While deploying this policy, XenMobile behaves as though the NitroDesk TouchDown application is already being installed from Android Marketplace. You can leave the password field blank, which will prompt the user to enter a password. Or, you can enter the variable %EWPASSWORD% which will auto-configure email on the Android device without prompting the device user for the password when they launch their email client.
  4. Add the license key to the policy, so you can be sure you are deploying valid software. Click the Policies and Applications Settings tab, click New Configuration and then click Policy.
  5. In the New Configuration dialog box, in Name, click LicenseKey and then, in the Value, enter the TouchDown license string.
  6. Click Create and then click Add.

After you deploy the policy, the user needs to log in the Android agent and authenticate the users' credentials in order activate the policy.