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Managing Windows Mobile Configurations

Dec 21, 2015

You can create several types of device management policies and configurations for your Windows Mobile devices such as App Tunnels for secure connections to your corporate network at the app level, registry setting configurations, server settings policies and custom XML configuration policies.

About the Windows Mobile Server Collection

The Servers collection in Device Manager is used to both administer existing and to add new servers to your Device Manager deployment. A default server configuration is created during the Device Manager installation.

In the Server Groups collection for Windows Mobile, you can add new access points to the server and create backup servers. You can also configure server groups. You can use server groups to do the following:

  • Create one or more backup servers (valid only if strong authentication is not enabled for the product).
  • Define several access points for connection to the server running Device Manager.
  • Provide logical grouping for multiple deployment locations.

To add a new server in the Windows Mobile server collection

To create other servers running Device Manager, you first need to create a new server group. To do so, click New group. After you create at least one group, you can then create a new server.

If a device cannot connect to the selected server, the device will attempt to connect through other servers in the same group, one after the other, following the defined order, through to the default server. To change the order in which servers are listed, you right-click a server and then click Options (or click Down).
  1. Click New server.
  2. Enter a display name for the server.
  3. Enter the IP address or fully qualified host name (FQDN) of the server.
  4. Enter the host port.
  5. Choose optional settings of SSL, use a proxy server, or use as the default server.

To edit or delete a server

Updated: 2013-05-25

  1. Click the server whose settings you want to modify and then click Update.
  2. Modify the settings and then click Update.

To delete a server

  1. Click the server whose settings you want to modify and then click Delete.
  2. When prompted, click to confirmation the deletion.

To configure device IP address ranges

By design, devices connect to the default server running Device Manager at the provided host name or IP address. For situations in which you have a LAN, WiFi, or USB connection, you can specify IP address ranges. If the Windows Mobile device has an IP address within this range, the device will connect to the server running Device Manager. Specifying IP address ranges is useful when uploading new software because you can lower data charges.
  1. Click an existing server create a new server.
  2. Click Update.
  3. Click the Device IP ranges tab.
  4. Click New IP address range.
  5. Enter the starting and ending IP addresses and then click Create. When you select a server, you can also update the server settings, such as the IP address, default server, and IP address ranges.

You must also deploy a server group to a user group on the Deployment tab.