Product Documentation

Managing SharePoint Configurations

Dec 21, 2015

Citrix data loss prevention (DLP) solution enables access from your mobile workforce to your SharePoint content. You can apply access control rules to content to prevent unauthorized usage depending on document classification. In XenMobile, you can use the DLP-SharePoint/Encrypted Email Attachment Viewing feature to manage Sharepoint configurations. If the SharePoint configuration item is unavailable, your license does not include the SharePoint feature. To check your license features, view the About tab in the web console.

If you are planning to use the Device Manager SharePoint access management feature, make sure your deployment meets the following Windows requirements:

  • SharePoint 2010 or Office 365.
  • Windows 2008 R2 - SharePoint 2010 SP1 is required or KB976127.
  • Windows 2008 – Rest API calls will fail unless KB976217 is also installed.
Note: Make sure that your SharePoint folders on the SharePoint server do not use special characters such as commas (,), semicolons (;), or periods (.), or those folders will not appear on your users' devices.