Product Documentation

Workflow for Managing a Device

Dec 21, 2015
To use Device Manager to manage a device, the typical workflow is as follows:
  1. Create an LDAP connection to a user directory. Use the LDAP configuration wizard to enable a connection to a database of users, such as Active Directory, in order to import the users into Device Manager.
  2. Define users and groups. You define users on the User tab. Organize your groups so that they match the configuration deployments you define. For instance, if you want to define Exchange push email for mobile users, you may want to define at least two groups:
    • The VIP group. Users who are allowed to download email attachments.
    • The Standard users group. Users who are not allowed to download the attachments.
  3. Create policies. Define the policies to be pushed to the devices. You use the Servers, App tunnels, Registry, XML, and Files tabs to define resources.
  4. Create deployment packages and deploy the packages.. Create the deployment packages that serve as the containers of policies and apps.
  5. Enroll users and devices. Enroll users so they can install the Device Manager agent software and MDM and user profiles on their devices, to ensure secure communication between client and server.