Product Documentation

To install the RSA Adapter on Windows Server

Dec 21, 2015

Make sure you have access to the zenadapter.war file that is included as part of the RSA Adapter product distribution.

  1. On the Windows server where you are installing the RSA Adapter, set the path to include the JAVA SDK 1.6+. For example, \Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_29\bin.
  2. Next, configure the Tomcat server to run on port 80, instead of the default port of 8080:
    1. Navigate to %TOMCAT_HOME%/conf directory.
    2. Edit the server.xml file as follows:
      • Change non-SSL to:
        <!-- Define a non-SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8080 -- 
        <Connector port="80" … />
      • Change SSL to:
        <!-- Define a SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8443 --> 
        <Connector port="443" … />
  3. On the installation computer, create a new directory named C:\Xenmobile.
  4. Unzip and copy the entire contents of the RSA Adapter zip package to the directory named C:\Xenmobile.
  5. Create a passphrase file that stores a passphrase that will be used by the RSA Adapter. .ote: Before you execute this command, make sure you are logged in as the Service Account user. The Service Account user you log in as must be the same Service Account that the Tomcat server runs as.
  6. Open the Windows command prompt and change directories to the location of the C:\Xemmobile folder. For example, cd C:\Zenprise.
  7. From this directory, execute the following command: java -jar WinDPHarness <passphrase filename> <passphrase>
    Note: Note the file path name used in this command <passphrase filename>, because you will need it when you edit the prop.txt file in the following step.
  8. Open the C:\Xenmobile\prop.txt file in a text editor and set the following attributes in the file, for example:
    • ldapport=636
    • ldaphost=
    • camd5= a2064dd584c7025f03ceb0443ca0fe9e
    • keyfile=C:\\xenmobile\\admin.key
    • certfile=C:\\xenmobile\\admin.cert
    • protectFlag=0
    • juriID=fe109c4d64430faf6d614c08b75312b0b7e31226
    • passphrasefile=c:\\xenmobile\\passcode.txt
    • profileflag-1
    • profileID=AC1E02D427C3D8
    • keepldapopen=1
    Note: These properties are available in your RSA Certificate Authority Manager console. Refer to your RSA Certificate Authority Manager guide for instructions on where to access these properties.
  9. From the RSA Certificate Authority Manager server, copy the two RSA CA Manager files - .cert and .key - to the C:\xenmobile folder on the computer where you are installing the Zenprise RSA Adapter.
  10. Copy the zenadapter.war file to the %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps folder.
  11. From your command prompt, execute the following commands:
    cd %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps 
    run jar xvf zenadapter.war 
    Stop Tomcat  
    Start Tomcat
  12. Verify that the installation was successful. In Internet Explorer (8 or later), navigate to http://HOST WITH_ADAPTER_TOMCATINSTANCE/zenadapter.war. A page with the adapter WDSL and link should appear.