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To import user accounts and properties from a file

Dec 21, 2015
You can import user accounts and properties from a specially developed file called a provisioning file, which you can create manually.
Note: If you are importing users from an LDAP directory, use the domain name along with the user name in the import file. For example, specify This syntax prevents additional lookups that will slow the import speed. If importing users to the Device Manager internal user directory, disable the default domain in order to speed up the import process. You can reenable the default domain after the import of internal users completes.

After a provisioning file is prepared, use the Import icon on the toolbar to read the file by following this procedure:

  1. From the Users tab toolbar, click Import. The Import a provisioning file window appears.
  2. In Provisioning file type, click Users or User Properties. If you click User Properties, you do not create an account.
  3. In Provisioning file location, browse to the location of the file and then click Import.