Product Documentation

To create a Samsung KNOX password policy

Jul 30, 2014

The Samsung KNOX password policy lets you configure a device passcode policy according to the standards of your IT department.

  1. In the Device Manager web console, click the Policies tab.
  2. Under Android, click Configurations and then click New Configuration > Samsung -> Samsung Knox Password Policy.
  3. In the New Samsung Knox Password Policy Configuration dialog box, on the General tab, enter a name and optional description for the policy.
  4. On the Policies tab, select the password requirements you want to enforce. You can configure such settings as the maximum number of characters allowed, maximum allowed failed attempts (before user is locked out of their Samsung device), minimum number of complex characters (non-alphanumeric), expiration (in days) before password expires, and so on. When an option is selected, the policy is enforced.
  5. In the Forbidden Strings tab, click New Forbidden String and then select in the field to enter a string you want to prohibit from being used in a password. For example, you may want to prevent common unsecure password strings that are easy to guess, such as password or welcome or 123, and so on.
  6. Click Create.