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To configure an R-DBMS for Multi-Tenant Console

Jan 24, 2013
The Multi-Tenant Console repository requires a relational Database Management System (R-DBMS). PostgreSQL is the default R-DBMS used by Multi-Tenant Console. Alternatively, Multi-Tenant Console also supports SQL Server 2005 or 2008.
Note: The server on which you install the database needs to have NTFS partitions.

To install the SQL database

  1. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, create a new database named zdm_mtc: Use or create an user with administrative rights who has full access to the database in order to configure Multi-Tenant Console.
  2. Using SQL Server Configuration Manager, under Protocols for MSSQL Server, enable the following parameters: TCP/IP and Named Pipes.
  3. In the SQL Server Configuration Manager, under SQL Server Services, set the SQL Server Browser to Automatic. Also, make sure that port 1433 is open from the MTC server to the SQL server if there is a firewall in between.

To create the PostgresSQL Database

If necessary, you can install PostgreSQL from the Multi-Tenant Console installer (packaged with Multi-Tenant Console). To do so, select the PostgreSQL database installation during setup and clear the other options. To manually create the database "zdm_mtc" on Postgres, issue the following SQL command once logged in the database. On PostgreSQL, enter: CREATE DATABASE zdm_mtc ENCODING='UTF8';